Rinko Kikuchi BTS of Pacific Rim

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You know, in the old days, if a witch betrayed her coven, they would kill her - The Craft (1996)


History Meme | 2/8 Objects: 1920’s Dresses

1920’s Dresses were lighter and brighter and shorter than ever before. Fashion designers played with fabric colors, textures and patterns to create totally new styles of dress. Evening dresses, coats and jackets were often trimmed with fur. Hemlines rose for most of the decade but dropped slightly toward the end. Shoes and stockings assumed a greater prominence now that they were more visible. Silk stockings in all the colors of the rainbow, often with patterns, were designed to match the coordinated outfits of stylish women. (x)

Why are you upset with me? Your employees are the ones putting a damper on the party. They are acting terribly!